Periodontal Disease Heightens Cancer Risks

Gum disease is a common type of oral infection that affects the gum tissue. About half of American adults will contract this infection when the natural bacteria in their mouths reach the gums and infect the area. The infection can wreak serious and irreversible havoc on the teeth, gums, and jawbone without intervention from a dentist.

However, you might not realize that gum disease can also pose a risk to the rest of your body. Inflammation in the gums caused by bacteria can trigger the body’s inflammatory response. As the body attempts to repair damaged gum tissue this way, the rest of your body can become vulnerable.

Research suggests that inflammation may release molecules that encourage the formation of cancerous cells. These studies also indicate that gum disease, in particular, connects to colon and gastric cancers due to the similar bacterial presence in conjunction with the triggered inflammatory response.

Chronic inflammation, such as what may occur with gum disease, can increase your risk of cancer. So you should seek prompt gum disease treatment and also make efforts to avoid contracting this oral infection in the first place if you want to protect your overall health as well as your smile. Read on to learn more details about the prevention and treatment of gum disease.

Periodontal Disease Heightens Cancer Risks

How Do I Eradicate Gum Disease?

Gum disease does not go away on its own. You will need assistance from your dentist in order to get rid of this gum infection for good.

Your dentist can begin treating gum disease as soon as they diagnose it during an oral exam. Periodontal therapy begins with a thorough cleaning of your smile which involves scraping plaque and bacterial build-up from your teeth, especially deep in the gum pockets.

The dentist may also provide you with an antibacterial rinse that will balance your natural oral bacteria. This prevents bacterial spread that can lead to further infections. If gum disease persists after these efforts, you may need more intense treatments, like gum surgery, to remove damaged gum tissue and eradicate the infection.

Can I Prevent Contracting Gum Disease?

Gum disease develops when oral bacteria reach the gum tissue. So you should practice proper oral hygiene to remove excess bacteria before it can get to your gums. This will entail brushing your teeth at least twice per day, morning and evening. You should also floss every day to remove plaque between the teeth where your toothbrush can reach.

Some dental patients have underlying risk factors, such as health conditions or aggressive oral bacteria, that put them in greater danger of contracting gum disease. Visit your dentist to find effective preventative dental care that can protect your unique smile.

These regular dental appointments maximize oral hygiene with professional teeth cleanings as well. Plus, your dentist can more easily diagnose and provide gum disease treatment when they catch this infection early during a routine exam. Schedule your dental check-up in San Antonio, TX today by calling 210.939.9689.