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Welcome to Smile Land Family Dental. Our office proudly provides dental treatments and regular dental care that can help patients improve their everyday lives. We want to help patients relieve pain and discomfort from oral health problems, including common issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Routine visits are an integral part of maintaining good oral health.

Regular dental checkups also help Dr. Bassam Abazid monitor developing dental problems. We welcome you to explore patient information for new and current patients who visit our dental office in San Antonio, TX, including what happens at patients’ first dental visits. 

For Dental Patients in San Antonio, Texas

Your First Dental Visit

Prior to your first dental visit to our office, we will receive your dental and medical information, insurance information, and payment information. We will also ask that you complete new patient forms on your first visit. 

First visits and routine dental care in our office often include a dental cleaning, examination, and dental x-rays. During dental cleanings, we use precise dental tools to scale the teeth and gums, removing bacterial buildup like plaque and tartar from the smile. We will also brush teeth with gritty toothpaste and provide a fluoride rinse. 

After a dental cleaning, Dr. Abazid will thoroughly examine the smile, ensuring that it is clean and that there are no signs of plaque or tartar in the mouth. This examination will also give Dr. Abazid any information about developing dental problems.

While we may not take dental X-rays at every visit, we will regularly take dental X-rays to keep track of any new smile developments. We can also take dental X-rays to diagnose dental problems or prepare for treatment.  

Patient Information in San Antonio, TX

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