How Flossing Enhances Your Smile

Flossing is an oral hygiene method that uses a cord of waxed thread to clean the spaces between your teeth. You likely already know that flossing daily in conjunction with the rest of your oral hygiene routine ensures your smile continues looking and feeling its best.

But you can feel more confident in maintaining good flossing habits when you understand the aesthetic, structural, and health benefits that come from completing this regimen consistently and thoroughly. Read on to learn about three advantages you will notice in your smile when you floss on a regular basis.

How Flossing Enhances Your Smile

Maintain Fresh Breath

You might notice that if you skip brushing your teeth, your breath begins to smell bad. This is because the plaque that forms on your smile contains bacteria that will start to emit a foul odor if you do not remove the film promptly through your oral hygiene routine. You might also leave remnants of food in your smile, which will begin decaying within the mouth and generating a bad smell as it does.

Your toothbrush will scrub away plaque along with lingering food particles that can contribute to bad breath. But the brush cannot always reach the spaces between your teeth.

This will leave plaque and other residues stuck in your smile, where they can affect the way your breath smells. To avoid bad-smelling breath, practice thorough oral hygiene, which will include flossing to clear away plaque build-up between your teeth.

Keep Your Smile Looking Beautiful

Plaque forms naturally throughout the day. But it can wreak more havoc than bad breath upon your smile if you do not remove it. The bacteria in plaque will eat away at your dental structure over time, leaving your teeth vulnerable to many issues. This can also make the teeth change their appearance.

With weakened tooth enamel, thanks to dental erosion, your teeth can have a high risk of discoloration. They may become darker, yellower, or form stains. Thinned tooth enamel can also start to look translucent in appearance.

Preserve the way your smile appears by practicing good oral hygiene. Flossing at least once a day will get rid of harmful plaque that can impact the color of your teeth and more. If you do notice aesthetic concerns forming in your smile, consult your cosmetic dentist to find ways to enhance your smile’s appearance.

Reduce the Risk of Dental Problems

As lingering plaque, tartar, and other residues weaken your teeth, you can also see an increased danger of many dental problems. Natural oral bacteria within plaque can infiltrate weak spots in your enamel. Then you can form tooth decay, which will hurt your dental structure and require intervention from your dentist to restore your smile.

Plaque can also allow bacteria to spread to your gums. If this happens, you can face a higher chance of contracting oral infections like gum disease. This infection can deteriorate your gums, teeth, and jawbone without prompt treatment from your dentist.

Avoid the need for this dental work by taking preventative measures for your oral health. Floss and stick to good oral hygiene habits to protect your smile from these serious dental concerns.