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Dental Emergency

Experiencing a Dental Emergency? No Problem… JUST CALL US!
Common types of dental emergencies include:

• Toothaches or throbbing tooth pain. • Chipped or broken teeth.
• Loss of a filling or crown. • A badly bitten lip or tongue.
• Bleeding in the lips, gums or tongue. • Facial swelling of any kind.
• Pain when biting or chewing. • Tooth or gum infection.
• Sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet liquids or food.

If you or your family member are experiencing any of these or any other type of sudden or unexpected tooth pain or injury, we recommend that you call us immediately at 210-561-9999 so we may assess the type and severity of emergency you are experiencing. Even if you are not experiencing significant pain, you should be checked for any possible structural damage to your tooth or damage to any surrounding tissue. The sooner the treatment is provided, the more favorable the outcome.